It started with physical fitness. It escalated with a drinking habit. It reached its peak with an intervention. And it was solved by coming face to face with my wounded masculine.

“IT” was the absolute avoidance, total distraction and unadulterated aberration from any and all feelings. It wasn’t “manly” to feel or express emotion. The reactions to a man outwardly owning every part of himself only served to create more of everything I was so desperate to avoid. And so instead of entertaining the demons of my psyche, I worked out. Hard. I buried it all in my body. Blame turned into biceps, shame turned into sprints and disappointment, doubt and discouragement went straight to the delts. But despite my best efforts it was all still there, threatening to make itself known at the slightest trigger. And so I numbed out completely with alcohol.

It took a long journey of self-destruction and a dramatic intervention from those closest to me for me to realise what was missing. But with the support, grounding and determination to create a life worth living I was able to see that the key was in processing the emotions I’d buried deep in my physical body.

I returned to working out, but this time, it was to empower and embody who I was, rather than running from it. Through this powerful, liberating shift, I was able to USE my emotions to heal, create and handle everything life can throw at me. It’s my belief that every man is capable of and deserves a life in complete alignment with himself. My mission is to help you find your purpose, take control of your life, and help you be seen for who you really are…

The Embodied Man Mastermind